Flux Challenge

Flux Challenge 5.0

3D racing game in the style of WipeOut


  • High speed action
  • Superb 3D graphics
  • 24 races
  • Three game modes


  • A little too difficult at times

Very good

I was a huge fan of F-Zero on the Super Nintendo so I was very excited about the prospect of playing Flux Challenge on my Pocket PC.

I wasn't disappointed either, as the game proved to be an adrenaline-pumping experience that immerses you in a high-speed world of magnetic levitation. The most immediately impressive thing about Flux Challenge is its graphics. Rendered in 3D with smooth animation (providing you have a powerful enough device), this is one of the most visually accomplished Windows Mobile racing games around.

The gameplay itself is exciting and fast-paced, although it takes a while to get used to the control system. What's more, the various obstacles and hazards on the track make Flux Challenge a little too difficult at times.

There's enough diversity in Flux Challenge to keep you amused for hours. You get 24 playable races (not all are available in this demo version), 6 different vehicles, and different three game modes.

Although it takes a bit of practice, Flux Challenge offers a way for adrenaline junkies to satisfy their needs on their mobile.

Flux Challenge


Flux Challenge 5.0

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